How To Know It Is Time For New Big Rig Tires

If you drive a big rig truck, you might be concerned about the tires. You likely know that if you wait too long to replace the tires, it could mean a serious accident on the road that puts you and others in jeopardy. However, it is sometimes difficult knowing when you need to get those new tires. Here are some signs to make sure you don't ignore.   Obvious Signs of Tire Damage

4 Neglected Repairs That Have The Potential To Turn Your Car Into A Money Pit

While there are some maintenance tasks that need to be done to keep your car on the road, there are some repairs that may get neglected. These can be problems such as damaged or missing alignment pieces, oil leaks, and bad fuel systems, to name a few. You may be able to get by when you have some of these problems, but they will most likely end in costly repairs if you do not have the work done to your car.

3 Tips To Prevent Your Rims From Being Stolen

You might love the idea of having nice rims on your car, but one thing that you might be worried about is them being stolen. After all, your rims are sure to command attention when you are driving around or when your car is parked in a public place, including the attention of those who might have intentions of stealing them. Luckily, following these three simple yet effective tips can help you protect your rims from being stolen.

Tire Balancing: Why It's Important And Signs Your Car Needs It

When your car is manufactured, its tires are precisely balanced to ensure the smoothest ride, safest handling, and best fuel economy. However, once you buy your car and drive it off the lot, every single bump and pothole gradually knocks your tires out of balance. Eventually, they could become imbalanced to the point that they're unsafe. Fortunately, you can have your tires professionally balanced at any tire shop, dealership service center, and most general auto repair shops.

The Least You Need To Know About Tire Inflation

Whether you're a new driver or are someone who has made a commitment to be more diligent about properly maintaining your vehicle, preventative care starts from the ground up. Learning how to take care of your vehicle's tires might seem small compared to changing the oil or understanding the radiator, but something as simple as ensuring your tires are properly inflated can have a multitude of benefits. Don't let your apprehension cost you -- drop to one knee, unscrew one tire's valve cap and get to work.