How To Know It Is Time For New Big Rig Tires

If you drive a big rig truck, you might be concerned about the tires. You likely know that if you wait too long to replace the tires, it could mean a serious accident on the road that puts you and others in jeopardy. However, it is sometimes difficult knowing when you need to get those new tires. Here are some signs to make sure you don't ignore.  

Obvious Signs of Tire Damage

Every time you are about to get into the big rig for your daily work schedule, it is a good idea to check the tires for signs of damage. You aren't doing an in-depth inspection, but simply looking at the sidewalls of the tire for cracks or the tread for signs of damage. Look for any obvious holes and gouges, shallow or deep cracks, or signs of dry rot. They might simply look faded and old in some areas, or may be bulging out on the sides. These tend to be common signs that the tires are in need of replacing instead of just getting repairs.

Low or Irregular Tread

You should also be in the habit of checking the tread of the tires. Not just for signs of damage, but the actual depth of the tread. When tires start to lose their tread, they become a danger to you since they won't have as much traction on the road. If you attempt to make a wide turn on a slick road with low tread, the tires are much more likely to skid out of control. You need to keep a close eye on the tread, knowing how to see if it is too low. Try putting a penny in the tread and seeing how much of the penny is still visible. If nearly the entire penny can be seen, the tread is probably too low. Also check for irregular wear of the tread, such as certain parts of tread that seem lower than the other sections of the tire.

Vibrations in the Vehicle

Some signs of needing to replace the truck's tires occur when you are driving. A common one is when you feel vibrations in the steering wheel. This is often the result of the wheels being out of balance, but it can also be from the tires losing their traction and no longer fitting properly on the wheels because they have uneven wear. Whenever you feel vibrations or a weird thumping in the steering wheel while driving, it is a good time to visit a mechanic (such as one from F & H Tire Co) and find out if new tires are in order.