3 Tips To Prevent Your Rims From Being Stolen

You might love the idea of having nice rims on your car, but one thing that you might be worried about is them being stolen. After all, your rims are sure to command attention when you are driving around or when your car is parked in a public place, including the attention of those who might have intentions of stealing them. Luckily, following these three simple yet effective tips can help you protect your rims from being stolen.

1. Be Careful Where You Park

Although it's true that your rims can be stolen pretty much anywhere, where you choose to park can have an impact on how prone they are to being stolen. Try to park your car in well-lit areas where it can be easily seen, and park near the windows when you park in parking lots. Then, even if you can't see your car yourself, your rims could be safer because a would-be thief might be afraid of being spotted by someone who is inside. Not only can following these tips help keep your rims safe, but they can also help protect your vehicle itself and keep the belongings inside safe from theft.

2. Use Locking Lug Nuts

You can invest in locking lug nuts that will help keep your rims secure. Basically, without the key, it is much more difficult for a would-be thief to try to steal your rims. Even though some experienced thieves might know how to unlock locking lug nuts, it can make the job a lot more difficult and can make your rims a lot less appealing to steal. Ask someone at your local tire and rim shop about lug nuts that will work on your vehicle.

3. Add Your Rims to Your Insurance Policy

Depending on your policy, your aftermarket rims might not be covered by your insurance company. However, many insurance providers will allow you to add a separate rider to your policy that will cover your rims, like those from Extreme Wheels, in the event that they are stolen or damaged. Depending on how valuable your rims are, it might be worth the extra cost on your insurance policy to have this peace of mind and coverage.

As you can see, there are steps that you can take to help prevent your rims from being stolen. If you follow these three tips, you can worry less about something happening to your rims and can instead focus on enjoying how great they make your vehicle look!